InTouch SmartWater provides a staged, managed approach to gully cleansing and drainage information gathering. SmartWater uses sensor technologies, real time weather data and other data sources to help predict and prevent flooding.  The system also provides automated flood alerts via email and text message.

Each year flooding causes billions of pounds of damage to the UK. We believe by managing our gully network more intelligently we can help prevent this. If we knew the condition of our gullies and combined this with weather data, we could more accurately predict the likelihood of flooding.  SmartWater is a self-learning system that can predict outputs.  

SmartWater is a self-learning system capable of predicting outputs. Work can be targeted to known problem gullies resulting in; fewer emergency calls out and improved Health and Safety through less time spent on the network by operatives.  Councils and contractors can now prioritise gullies, cleaning only those which need attention, improving maintenance efficiency, reducing flooding and making our roads safer.  We are also working with partners in street lighting to with a view to sharing telemetry infrastructure.  Our solution can help you build and manage an accurate, easy to audit asset dataset. Trials have shown that gullies with sensors are achieving 70% accuracy* within the first six months. The self-learning system will produce daily accuracy figures, to help you make decisions.  From the millions of gullies logged on our system, around 80% of these gullies are clean and running and require no attention.  

All of our solutions include free web based technical support.

*Based on latest results.


SmartWater Drainage

SmartWater Drainage helps you to identify problem gullies so that you can carry out targeted cleaning.  80% of UK gullies are clean and running when inspected, by understanding the problem areas we can save resources and use this time to help repair infrastructure.  

InTouch SmartWater Drainage enables you to drive informed cleansing regimes, which result in a significant cost saving.  By collecting data in a predefined, structured format you can create a comprehensive and accurate data set. This data set can also be viewed on a map, allowing you to easily see both your problem and safe gullies.  Councils and their agents can save money and resources whilst reducing flood risk.  SmartWater Drainage provides:

The system is easy to use for both operatives and office staff, expandable and cost effective.

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SmartWater Managed SystemSmartWater Management

The InTouch SmartWater Management is a managed service that provides you with the final link in the process of managing and maintaining your gully network. This service enables us to use our collective knowledge of gully networks and to apply our analytical skills; in order to give you a cost effective way to manage the work carried out on your network.

As part of this service we will analyse data to ascertain which gullies should be cleansed.  We will then create the cleansing jobs for your crews, which will be driven by a risk based cleansing routine, and will highlight which gullies to clean.  The cleansing jobs are issued directly to the crews’ handheld devices and can be viewed by supervisory staff on the web based solution. We will work with you to ensure that the risk level applied to build the jobs fits in with your individual requirements.

We will also supply you with regular reports which include:

This complete, cost effective end-to-end service provides peace of mind that your gully network is being efficiently and professionally maintained.  This service provides you with a number of data visualisations that enable you to have an ‘at a glance’ view of your entire network and to view potential flood predictions.

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