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VOIP (Voice over IP)

Motorola's WAVE PTX is a subscription-based group communication service that instantly connects your team across different devices, networks, and locations.  Using the cell phone network, this system allows you to communicate across more than one location whilst maintaining the robustness of a two way radio solution.  From simple small volume voice communication systems to complex multisite, GPS tracked dispatch systems, let us know your requirements and we can design a solution which is right for you

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Motorola TLK 100

  • Over-the-Air device management

  • Robust design

  • Europe-wide 3G/4G network coverage

  • Wi-Fi connectivity

  • Location tracking

  • Loud and clear audio

  • Private and group push-to-talk

  • Real-time presence

  • Seamless roaming

  • Multi-network compatibility

  • Optimised cellular to Wi-Fi handover

Motorola TLK 110

  • 2-line display

  • Dedicated emergency button

  • IP67 rating

  • USB C charging

  • 18 hours usage with 2500mAh battery (5:5:90 Duty Cycle)

  • 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)

  • GPS/GNSS location tracking

  • SKYHOOK tracking

  • Antimicrobial housing

  • Integrated wideband speaker to deliver loud, clear, high-quality audio.

  • AI-backed noise suppression – Intelligently recognises speech in loud environments.

  • Lone worker and man down/fall alert

  • VOX capable - for hands-free communication.

  • Compatible with extra loud wired accessories.




Wave PTX is a reliable, cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Wave PTX helps businesses stay connected and productive, while reducing costs and complexity. Wave PTX is easy to use and manage, and it offers a wide range of features and benefits. Wave PTX is also backed by a team of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who are dedicated to providing the best possible service and support. The DCRS and Mototrbo team and directly the Motorola team, are always there to support customers with the use of the Wave PTX systems in their work environment.

We receive positive feedback for Wave PTX based on its reliability and durability, unlike any other two-way radios, Wave PTX can be suitable for any conditions, workplaces and range of sizes of teams.


Wave PTX comes with several advantages compared to the other Motorola solutions for communication. The Wave PTX from Motorola Solutions is a powerful two-way radio system that offers a number of advantages over other systems on the market. The system is designed for use in high-noise environments, such as factories and warehouses, where traditional radio systems can struggle to provide clear communications.

Motorola solutions Wave PTX uses an advanced digital signal processing algorithm to reduce background noise and improve audio quality, making it easier for users to hear each other even in noisy environments. The system also offers a number of other features, such as GPS tracking, that can be beneficial in industrial settings. Its latest features such as the robust design and other advanced features, makes the Wave PTX System an ideal solution for businesses that need clear, reliable two-way radio business communications.


Motorola push to talk radios are designed for clear, reliable communication in challenging environments. Professional radio PTT communication is common for construction sites to manufacturing floors, the two-way radios that are PTT based deliver digital audio quality that is clear, loud and easy to understand. With push-to-talk (PTT handset) technology, you can instantly communicate with coworkers or dispatch without having to worry about the environment you are in or if there will be poor communication. Whether you need rugged durability or advanced features like remote monitor mode and GPS tracking, Motorola has the right push to talk radio for your business and that is the Wave PTX.


Wave PTX is a battery-powered control system that helps you manage your battery life and keep your devices charged. The system is usage based with an advanced battery management system that automatically controls the charging and discharging of your devices, as well as a battery status indicator that shows you how much power is left in your battery. Wave PTX also includes a power-saving mode that helps you extend and control your battery life by reducing the number of devices that are turned on at the same time. As a result your team will have better battery management of their communication devices that lead to better employee productivity and efficiency of processes.


The service is designed for use in emergency situations and offers a variety of features that can be useful in such situations. For example, the service can send out alerts to all members of a group when emergency situations occur. Enabling this type of group communication service means that everyone can react accordingly and instantly connects the whole team. In addition, the service can track the location of group members and provide them with turn-by-turn directions to safety.

For many companies having instant communication is a crucial part of getting something completed and ensuring safety of the team. The internal communication can even be instant messaging which is probably everyone’s preferred type of communication these days.

Contact us to discuss your needs and we can advise on the best setup or send one of our experienced and knowledgeable team to carry out a site survey.

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