Target your problem gullies to help prevent flooding 

InTouch SmartWater is an innovative approach to drainage asset management and flood prevention.  Our solution provides a staged, managed approach to gully cleansing, drainage information gathering and management of gully cleansing. The system uses sensor technologies and real time weather data to help predict and prevent flooding. The system also provides automated flood alerts. 

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How can our SmartWater solution help?

substantial savings substantial savings
reduced flooding reduced flooding
real-time detection real-time detection
gully prediction gully prediction
inspection service inspection service

Substantial Savings

Through our analysis of over one million gully cleanses throughout the UK, we know that approximately 80% of gullies don’t need emptying every year. Our SmartWater solution provides you with this information on both a web-based and handheld solution, enabling cleansing to take place only on gullies that require it.

Reduced Flooding

SmartWater helps to identify problem gullies.  By implementing targeted cleaning of these gullies, the chance of surface water flooding can be reduced.

Real-time Gully Sensors

The next step in the SmartWater solution is to instrument the high risk gullies by fitting our multi-functional remote sensor. This sensor detects the level of silt and water in the gully. This then provides an early warning system of gullies that are in flood or are about to flood.

Gully Prediction Software

Using the data provided by the SmartWater Sensors - our analytics combine specific information from gullies with multiple data sets, such as weather, traffic flow, tree data and flood risk.  Trials have shown that gullies with sensors are achieving 70% forecast accuracy within the first six months.

Inventory and Condition Inspections 

InTouch provide an inspection service and the data reports include; gully pot location, depth, condition, silt level and outlet depth.  This data is stored in your system, along with a digital image which is time and date stamped.   Inspections save you around 3/4's of the cost of a cleanse.

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inspect - predict - cleanseHow it works

The InTouch SmartWater solution is a concept supported by easy to use software products and automatic data analysing tools which enable an innovative approach to gully cleansing operations.  The solution enables immediate targeting of problem areas before they cause impact to the network delivering cost and efficiency savings whilst improving the service to the end user.  This innovation breakthrough from InTouch means that targeted gully cleansing can deliver savings of up to 30% off Council gully cleansing budgets year on year. 

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What our clients say about us...

“InTouch have just completed an inspection of our network and we are now able to target the high risk gullies in an efficiency-driven approach”.

Knowsley MBC Highways & Transportation

“The introduction of the InTouch Inspection software has improved the trust we have in our contractor, we now have the tools to see daily activity of the cleaning schedule and by viewing the photographs taken, we can reduce the amount of on-site inspections of our gully assets. As a direct result of implementing this solution we have made a significant saving this year in emergency flooding callouts and look forward to working with InTouch in the future to improve our knowledge of this important asset”.

Stirling Council, Mark Winter, Asset Officer