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Body Cameras

Unsure what you need?

Give our dedicated team a call for a no obligation chat and let us help you identify exactly what you need and how we could help

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We can offer a range of body camera solutions to meet your needs.  Our Motorola offering provides you with a secure and fully auditable back end, putting you in full control of your operations. 


All our body cameras are available with a range of accessories including:

  • Single Charge docks

  • Multi Charge docks

  • A range of mounts and fixings

Why Body Cameras?

Take control of the situation

Empower front-line teams to take control. When unexpected situations arise, the potential to capture and share real-time video increases situational awareness.







Capture evidence

The presence of a body-worn camera often helps to calm difficult encounters. Simply press record to capture high-quality video evidence, reassure and protect staff.

Respond faster

Automatically share video and audio with centralised teams over Wi-Fi for faster and smarter incident response.

Demonstrate accountability

Empower customer-facing staff to prove their professionalism or innocence when confronted by contentious allegations. Body-worn cameras capture irrefutable video and audio evidence.

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