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Sterling CouncilStirling Council makes significant cost savings due reduced Highway flooding incidents – a case study.


Stirling Council wanted to reduce the cost of the highway maintenance, and required a greater transparency of the gully cleaning being carried out by their contractor.  The council also needed to record a log of any maintenance to ensure its compliance with SEPA data requirements and the Flood Risk Management Act (Scotland) 2009.   Furthermore, the council were also keen to manage ‘repair issues’ identified during the cleaning process.   

The Challenge:

With ever reducing budgets Stirling Council wanted to get a better understanding of which gullies required the most attention and to have maintenance documented in a way that would allow targeted cleaning of their gullies.  Stirling Council roads are spread over 1000 km, covering 2000 km2 of mainly rural land.  

InTouch Solution:

Stirling Council use the InTouch SmartWater solution to capture data including: gully type, condition, construction and faults and silt levels.  This data provides them with a history of the speed of silt build up and allows for timely cleansing and maintenance scheduling.

The gully cleaning contractors are provided with a software solution on a portable tablet device, so that they can better target their gully network.

The SmartWater solution uses an iPad to collect data on attributes specified by Stirling Council.  The software requires a photograph of the gully to be taken after it has been cleaned, enabling council inspectors to view the work carried out, (this also improved trust between the stakeholders).

The SmartWater web portal allows the user to view the collected data in an easy to use format, including search by street and postcode along with a simple export of the data for use in other management systems in use by the council.  The council reported significant cost saving in reactive flooding repair costs

Next Steps:

Following the success of the InTouch Inspections software Stirling Council are continuing to build up the knowledge of the network and may consider implementing the full InTouch SmartWater Solution where a process of inspections, targeted cleaning and a multi-purpose sensor placed inside gullies can report silt levels, water levels and other key data could deliver greater savings and provide a highway flooding early warning system.


“The introduction of the InTouch Inspection software has improved the trust we have in our contractor, we now have the tools to see daily activity of the cleaning schedule and by viewing the photographs taken, we can reduce the amount of on-site inspections of our gully assets.  As a direct result of implementing this solution we have made a significant saving this year in emergency flooding callouts and look forward to working with InTouch in the future to improve our knowledge of this important asset.”.
Stirling Council, Mark Winter, Asset Officer

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